be brave inspired by amy louise jewelry

Be Brave

Today I start pulling from my story…

The story of my life.

Sometimes it was amazing and sometimes it seemed like utter wreckage.   That’s life; unpredictable, messy, fun, sad, hard, happy, interesting!

I have a vault of journals, pictures, and creations that are ready and are willing themselves to be set free, as I am. I am ready to be brave and share what I have learned not for the glory of self but because there  is a message there that has to come out.

I watched the movie yesterday about Freddie from the rock group Queen. In the movie he had tears when he created Bohemian Rhapsody.  I have observed other artists in that state of creation and seen the emotion that comes out. The emotion is not because you have done something so amazing, it is because God is moving it through you.

Creative expressions are notably unique

Universal consciousness it being born through a vehicle that is you and the emotion that comes along with that is a bit overwhelming. It seems to me the creations I have been putting out into the world, designs of spaces, environments, pictures, drawings, jewelry have all been an expressions that are notably unique. When I can get myself out of the way and allow the artistry to unfold something amazing happens.

I have encountered great joy and great sadness. I have learned to love myself, all parts of myself and now I can share that with you.  I know life can be a challenge sometimes.  Some days I know you feel as if it is heavier than you can stand. But I also know this …life is a beautiful gift we are all unique creations connecting to the beautiful story that is our life.

So be brave, express yourself, follow your dreams… I believe in you!!

If no one in your life can say it for you I will say it because its true and until you can believe it yourself.. I am here saying I believe in you and your dreams!! Don’t you quit don’t you believe the lies and don’t be afraid to dream because ANYTHING is possible!!

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