Creating Christmas

Can we Create Christmas? My theory is we can create an environment that is beautiful and feels inviting to all! I love to create an environment. The opportunity to make a whole new feel for a home at the holidays is thrilling to me, as an interior designer I worked with numerous clients to do just that, Create Christmas in their home. Where do you start? There is a process and it is repeatable, utilizing whatever colors and tones and treasures you have.

You can create the perfect holiday feel without breaking the bank! “Let start at the very beginning, its a very good place to start.” When you read you begin with ABC when you Create Christmas you begin with lights and tree!  Let’s do it, I’ll show you how and it will be so fun!

Step 1:  Layers of beautiful evergreens, multiple types of greenery create visual interest. You will want a tree, real or artificial, pine bows real AND artificial. Greenery for mantels and wreath.

Step 2: White lights then more white lights! Now your base is established.

Step 3: Create visual depth with natural elements and texture. Sticks, pine cones, flowers, feathers or ribbon and some sparkle.

Step 4: Detail pieces, ornaments, sparkle and/or tone changes. Color can be used here I recommend staying with 2 – 3 colors to keep it looking classic.

Step 5: Introduce your family’s personality with handmade ornaments or items that reflect your interests.

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