inspired by amy louise

“Inspired by Amy Louise” Blog is born

This is where I began.

Well actually I began about 4 years before this picture. That’s me with the watering can and my little brother in the pan … simple things amused us watching the water spill out was interesting.

What happens to that simple wonder as we grow up? My thought is it’s still there we just mask it with responsibility and should be and questions about our limitations a litany of other thoughts that stop us from living in the beauty of the moment.  Questioning beliefs that hold us back from living the true beauty of every single day. I am creator an artist an dreamer always have been making something from nothing has been my passion.

I have created spaces, pictures, paintings, jewelry not because it was the “right” path but because I couldn’t stop the flow of creation through me, a vessel my job was just to get out of my own way. My job was not to listen to the internal critic or the external one. Now I find myself with all these years of creating and learning and painfully expanding myself. It seems all this is not meant for my own personal enjoyment. It meant to be shared.

Picasso said…

“The meaning of life is to find your gift the purpose of life is to give it away.” I would love to give away any thing that has passed through me on this journey of life that may help someone else to find their way or believe in dreams!!

So with that being said I am staring my blog…. I have so much to say!

Write it down make it happen. Believe you can and you can… just start find your voice decide your expert of your own experiences and that is enough.

I have been taking notes making sketches trying to create outlines all the rules that English class taught me and then I froze. I froze because self- doubt crept in. What would my words on a page do for others? How could I impact change or awareness or anything? Then I decided to listen to the voice inside of me. The still small voice that is an ever-present guidance system that has never failed me.

The voice of God has always been there, have I gone off course…? Of course but not because the voice wasn’t leading me but because I chose to go it alone. I wouldn’t change it any of it because it has made me who I am. We all do the best we can with the information we have at the time…. what am I here to say to you?  I want to create a story filled with pictures. I want to offer ideas, beautiful imagery and information I have spent a lifetime learning. Perhaps my words or ideas will offer passion for your own journey or validate questions you may have.

Last night I woke up at 1 am and these thoughts went around and around in my head I had to get up to write them down they seemed like important questions, questions I have asked myself and it seems these questions are the “outline” of what I want to say.

Pose a question isn’t that where we all began as kids? How come? Why? When will it happen? Can I have that? Why is it that color? Me too?

An endless stream of questions were running through our thoughts and out our mouths when we were children. Curiosity was endless, and the world was filled with wonder. The experts were bigger than us the experts were the ones who knew the way. Which way is the way now? Which questions are valid and which ones are unimportant?

I’m not sure but I have reduced the categories of “questions” down to 5 important arenas…

Inspire, Listen, Create, Share, Explore.

These seem to be the mainstay to living a fulfilled life. Lets go on an adventure together and see where it takes us .. Lets look at the simple wonders of life and watch the water spill out of the can…

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