thanksgiving table layout inspired by amy louise




  1. 1.the expression of gratitude, especially to God.

“he offered prayers in thanksgiving for his safe arrival”

How beautiful is that?

That is why we celebrate; to show our gratitude for the abundance we have been given. I am abundantly blessed to have a wonderful family and friends.

It is time to show gratitude

And I am so grateful!

Thanksgiving is only 2 days away!  I travel tomorrow to family to cook, set the table and enjoy the blessings of the day. I am finishing up the last minute details before I go, as we all are. The day started with yoga, coffee, a trip to the bank, car wash and gas station.

I had an extra hour and had been thinking about the table we will set in my sons new home. We need to create the environment of a beautiful celebration part of the beauty in my opinion of sharing a meal together is how it is presented. Creating a beautiful table doesn’t have to cost a lot either. Actually, I think it is more fun if you “hunt” for the perfect pieces so after my errands were ran,

I went to goodwill to see what I could find. Amongst carts and full isles and kids playing with the toys on the floor I found what I needed. I spent $72 which seemed like a lot to me for a goodwill shopping spree. But wait till you hear what I found!

Place settings for 4 dinner plates

salad plates and bowls
glass paned centerpiece
beautiful water glasses
3 crème vases
8 sparkly pears with ribbons in green
small crème bowls (for I’m not sure what but they were so cute I just had to get them.)

When I create a table I work around a theme of color and texture. This combo is crème, tan, olive green and rust. I couldn’t wait to get home and lay out the table setting a dry run if you will in order to see if I had found what I was looking for. Mind you if I didn’t that would be OK as my kids would be just fine with paper plates and sharing each others company but not nearly as fun. So here it is the before and after goodwill bags and boxes filled and the layout of pieces in all their beauty a new life for pieces that someone so generously donated allowing them to go on to a new home!

I am grateful for those people that let the items pass through there lives in order to find a glorious new home for the the begging of my sons.. I am grateful! I pray all of you have a glorious celebration and enjoy the “expression of gratitude” that is thanksgiving!

Here are my before and after photos! Enjoy your feast and your loved one! Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving table layout inspired by amy louise

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