antique shopping inspired by amy louise

Treasures Abound

An antiques store…

It’s a momentary pause in life one that stops us from all the moving forward, all the technology and the quick pace of life. Walking through an antique store is like a museum! The pace is slow the environment quite and the best part about it unlike a museum you can touch almost everything!!

I love to touch things, tactile learning has always been a part of who I am. I take it in look at the old postcards, the double image ones are interesting apparently there use to be a viewer that you would drop the card into and the image would appear realistic. Tiny figurines were everywhere, so were old books, table clothes, buttons, fur coats, wooden antique pieces, and silverware in buckets.

The list goes on and on and on… The history is astonishing its simply beautiful to see where we have been.

My dad instilled in me the love of antiques, he use to take us to old farm auctions on Saturday mornings. We would get up early, put on some warm clothes because it was cold in the wet grass as we walked around looking at the bins. Sometimes, he would find a dresser or cupboard that was made of solid oak and need his patient TLC to bring it back to life. I would dig through the boxes and if I found something inside I really wanted, he might bid on it with the number he put in his breast pocket ( only the adults got those.)  It was so fun once the auction began the auctioneer talked so fast almost like a different language.

Hot dogs for breakfast.

My dad would get a coffee and if we were the lucky one that got to come along to the early morning auction, we would get a hot dog from the stand and get to eat if for breakfast, how fun was that!! Hot dogs for breakfast. So, I’d eat my hot dog watching as my dad bid on the items he was hoping for.

By 10 am we were back in his truck perhaps an antique loaded in back and a box of treasures to review when he got back to his workbench. What fun to travel back in time, and take in the history of items that were cared for so carefully. The slow pace of the morning and spending time with my dad was so beautiful!!

Antique stores offer the same beauty…. Just no hot dogs or fast talking auctioneers!

Take a trip to the past, slow down and explore!

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