Winter Wonderland

The magnificence of this day awaits

The beauty of the day was calling! I woke up this morning to a literal winter wonderland. Every single morsel of nature was covered in a blanket of crystallized splendor.This day was created to be admired! My first thought was, I want to capture this beauty. It is Monday  and there is much work to be done, however, tasks can wait. God created a work of art yet again and documenting it seemed important!  A visual scrapbook of this was my goal.

The camera lens changes your perspective

Nature was calling as a result, I chose to follow my bliss today to appreciate the beauty. The world looks different through a camera lens it assists in helping to remove all the clutter around and “focus” in on what matters. What mattered today was the country side and the crystals everywhere. “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein

Go outside take some pictures

My suggestion to you is…. GO OUTSIDE and take some pictures! I happen to be blessed with a beautiful camera that I saved up for, but realistically the fancy camera is a bonus, not a necessity. With the advancement of smart phones that are attached to us 24/7 and the camera featured there is more than enough.

Make your own scrapbook of beauty

Step outside, take some photos, create your own scrapbook of beautiful pictures. Explore what captures your eye,  see how everything looks differently when you take a picture. Selfies don’t count for this exercise. Have fun, with that being said, I better get to work!

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